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Many FinTech success stories have one thing in common – they have a robust, smart marketing engine that revolutionizes their product or service in the industry. The most innovative FinTech marketers know that staying one step ahead of the competition can catapult their careers and position their business for long-term growth.

Why staying ahead matters now more than ever for marketers

With unprecedented uncertainty created by COVID-19, it’s critical that FinTech marketers remain agile and responsive. The pandemic environment is redefining marketing as we know it, presenting B2B marketers with new challenges as they are under pressure to deliver more. Business buyers are savvier, and consumer behaviour is shifting in ways that no one could have predicted. That being said, it is time to change the way we do marketing.

Responding, pivoting, and re-imagining how we do things are now part of the marketing job description. Yet, no one is providing us with the tools to help us navigate the everyday tensions we face as leaders in this space. We’re just expected to be swift, pragmatic, and committed to adapting our strategies.

Recognising the challenges marketers face, FinTech B2B Marketing is a peer-to-peer community forum brings together financial services and technology marketersto help simplify complexity in FinTech.  

By joining the FinTech B2B Marketing community, you’ll gain access to exclusive thought-leadership content, best-practice insightsincluding cutting-edge research powerful case studies, impressive webinars, live events, and more. If you want to join a group of B2B FinTech marketers and arm yourself with the latest ideas from the world’s leading financial firms and insights on how winning brands are driving growth through modern-day marketing, you’re in the right place. 

Our community offerings – We’re here to help you become the next success story


Networking opportunities to connect with senior, C-Suite business leaders and influencers


Unlimited access to premium content to strengthen your industry insights and knowledge

Marketing Trailblazer 

Strengthen your personal brand by submitting unlimited articles and case- studies to put you in the FinTech spotlight


Build your skills with tailored training and development programmes


Mentoring Programme to nurture your career and help you navigate through business challenges


Opportunities for candidates to access a wide range of firms – from small start-ups to large corporates

Talent Board

Find the industry’s talented & professionals with marketing teams & businesses across the Financial & technology sectors.

Who can join us?

The FinTech B2B Marketing community is open to those who are passionate about working in financial services and FinTech. Below are just some examples of the roles of our members: 

  • FinTech start-up founders and business owners
  • B2B marketers working in FinTech and Financial Services companies including WealthTech, PayTech, RegTech,and InsuranceTech to name a few. 
  • Vendors, agencies and freelancers who are providing their solutions to financial services and FinTech marketers 
  • Research, industry associations and media publications operating in the financial services and technology industry
  • Academic institutions and students who work in marketing or in a FinTech programme

Join today for free, upgrade later

Unlike many communities that require payment up-front to join, we understand that you may want to explore the wealth of content available to our some of our members before deciding whether to commit to a paid membership. That’s why we offer free membership enabling you to unlock a complete knowledge bank and access exclusive members-only resources.

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