FinTech Start-Up and SME Training

Scale And Grow Your FinTech Business

As a business owner, founder, or marketing manager sitting in the upper echelons of the management team, you might find yourself spinning a seemingly infinite number of plates. And not the Ikea-kind. These are delicate, fine-bone china antique plates that you can’t afford to get even slightly cracked – let alone smash.

Your days are filled with proving overall ROI, driving marketing operational efficiency, and enhancing the personalised customer experience. All huge feats.

Even under ‘normal’ development conditions, small businesses with their limited resource and ability bases encounter difficulties relating to the fast-changing external environment and all its vagaries. Within current COVID-19 times, this challenge is intensified multi-fold.

On top of this, you also need to adapt to the new role of digital technologist and optimise your marketing budget to ensure your department is compliant, secure, and innovative.

We’re here to provide you with the training support and guidance, when you need it. Our courses start at 1-2 day workshops and range up to 6-week training programs. No matter where you are in your journey, we have a course to suit your needs.

Certificated Training Courses

Fintech Marketing Accelerated Business Growth Programme

Training – 36 hours
(delivered every 2 weeks)

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Workshop – 6 hours

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Workshop – 12 hours

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Workshop – 12 hours

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