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Opening Remarks and Welcome
Keynote: Major technology drivers to watch that are shaping the FinTech and Financial Services industry landscape
Marketing is broken…How We Can Start To Fix It?
Account-Based Marketing – how blended ABM could be the most intelligent customer acquisition strategy for scaling Fintech and FinServ
Scalability with simplicity
Go deep or go home – how to make expertise the backbone of your brand
Benefits of thinking like a brand, not like a bank or fintech
Leverage AI to personalise client experience at scale
How performance marketing is driving business growth during recession periods
Leveraging RevTech and data to Accelerate your business to the next level
The Power of Insight: Elevating Your B2B Fintech Strategy with Analyst Research Services
Integrating PR, AR and influencer comms in the marketing mix: B2B considerations
The Fintech Education Revolution: Shaping the Future of Finance
Sustainability & Impact – Communicating complex messages
Keynote – Future of Technology – How ChatGPT and Generative AI are evolving in the new world and shaping FinTech and Financial Service Industry
Closing Remarks and Wrap Up