Regional Leadership Team Includes Prominent Marketers from Wolters Kluwer, Thomson Reuters and Pitch Fintech to name a few

London, 14 November 2023 – FinTech B2B Marketing, the first global peer-to-peer community of specialist B2B Strategists and Marketers in FinTech, Financial Services, and Technology, today announced the formation of its Asia-Pacific chapter. This expansion augments the community’s regional strengths, with North American and UK/European chapters formed earlier this year. Regional chapters provide scale and support networking, knowledge sharing, learning, and interpersonal rapport as the community’s global footprint expands. 

FinTech B2B Marketing regional chapters will focus on membership growth while building on the community’s mission to break down silos between FinTech, Financial Services, and Technology business leaders and marketers. By fostering community among business leaders & marketers, FinTech B2B Marketing offers real-world experience, curates practical insights, and hosts events focusing on collaboration and learning.

The community has reached over 5,000 subscribers and members worldwide. Its members control more than $1.5 billion in aggregated annual marketing expenditure. Local chapters will provide more venues for direct, trusted interactions with industry colleagues, with activities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and beyond.

The leadership team for the Asia-Pacific Chapter includes senior industry leaders who work for global organisations with an exceptional track record in driving marketing results. Their combined experience of more than 100 years in the industry will significantly strengthen FinTech B2B Marketing’s presence and value for Asia-Pacific professionals.

Commenting on the new chapter launch, Payal Raina, Founder of FinTech B2B Marketing, said: “We are delighted to build on the strength of our community in this active, innovative region of FinTech, Financial Services, and Technology activity. Our Asia-Pacific regional team will help us expand and strengthen our impact as the only community organised by and for B2B strategists & marketers. Today’s launch continues the immense growth we have achieved in 2023, doubling the size of the community, and sponsoring our first annual Awards programme.” 

Karyn Flores-Jones, Director of Marketing, APAC, Wolters Kluwer added, “I am honoured to be invited as co-chair for the Fintech B2B Marketing APAC Chapter. Asia-Pacific’s diverse and vibrant marketing landscape offers tremendous opportunities for success. Our community aims to serve as a catalyst for local businesses and marketing leaders, providing valuable insights, engaging events, experiences and connections that will empower them to thrive and grow in this dynamic region.”

Charmaine Athaide, Founder & CEO of Pitch FinTech commented “Having experienced first-hand and worked closely with the founders of global fintechs who are growing their presence in region, I am enthused to be the co-chair of the Asia Pacific Chapter of FinTechB2B Marketing and support a community that is built to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, share experiences and support peers across the globe.”

Victoria McCafferty, Vice President, Marketing – Asia & Emerging Markets for Thomson Reuters, said: ”This community offers a unique and otherwise lacking opportunity to connect specialists and know-how in Asia-Pacific and worldwide. The marketing industry is evolving, and being able to learn from each other how best to support the fast-moving industries and geographies in this region is essential. I’m honoured to join as Co-Chair, and I look forward to connecting with like-minded leaders helping to champion the future of their businesses.”

Mike Hurle, Executive Director, KPMG commented: “I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey with FintechB2B Marketing, as we build on Payal’s vision of a truly global community and extend the exceptional platform of learning and networking resources built up over the last three years. Innovation and collaboration is happening at speed across Asia-Pacific, it is clear that marketers here play a pivotal, but often understated, role in the industry. Marketers are a bridge connecting innovative solutions to the unique needs and aspirations of customers in our region, and we are the custodians of trust—indispensable to growth.”

Julie Wong, Fractional CMO, added: “I am excited to help and establish the APAC chapter, working closely with the Founder from the inception. As technology rapidly advances the industry, we see gaps to help marketers and business leads see the importance of strategic go-to-market, via idea sharing, mentorship and being part of a dedicated community.”

Earlier this year, the FinTech B2B Marketing community members announced the launch of regional chapters in North America & UK/Europe, led by senior industry leaders from Matrix Applications, Trintech, Chartis Research, and other prominent organisations. To learn more about the regional chapter co-chairs, click here

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