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FinTech B2B Marketing Founder Awarded Editor’s Choice Award at The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2021

London – 9 June 2021 – FinTech B2B Marketing, the first leading online global community connecting marketers from the financial services and technology industry, announced that it’s Founder has been recognised for the Editor’s Choice Award at the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2021. The award has been given to honour the enduring spirit of innovation.  

FinTech B2B Marketing is a peer-to-peer community that offers tailored marketing insights, events, training, mentorship and most importantly a platform for all marketers to connect. It brings together the leading influencers and business leaders who wish to give back to the community by sharing what they have learned and practiced in their careers.

The annual FTF News Technology Innovation Awards honours the professionals, financial technology vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have made significant strides and noteworthy achievements in operational excellence during the past year. 

Commenting on the win, Payal Raina, Founder of FinTech B2B Marketing, said: “It’s an honour to receive the “Editor’s Choice Award” in a year that has marked a turning point for the entire industry. When the need of the hour is to stretch above and beyond to make a brand heard in the noise of remote marketing.”

Raina further added, “This is yet another achievement for the ever-growing FinTech community and another award for the organization within just nine months of its inception. With over 1,000 subscribers and members on the platform, this is a strong testament to the convergence between the financial services and technology sectors. We remain committed to helping our members stay connected, remain on top of their FinTech marketing game, minimize risk, and drive efficiencies as we adjust to a new uncertainty.” 

“As we celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the FTF Awards and the 15th Anniversary of FTF, it has proven to be one of the most competitive to date. Not only did we get more than 220 nominations, but we also had a staggering number of voters from the industry — 20,000+,” said Maureen Lowe, founder, and president, FTF and FTF News.

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