First-Ever Billing of Generative AI as Speaker Addressing B2B Marketing Innovation

London, 19 April 2023 — FinTech B2B Marketing, the premier global award-winning community dedicated to specialist B2B marketers from the financial and technology industry, today announced the billing of ChatGPT as a panelist live and on stage with human presenters. The event will occur on 26 April 2023 in London as part of the community’s second annual Fintech B2B Marketing Conference. 

This featured guest slot represents the first time that ChatGPT has participated in a live panel discussion focused on B2B marketing insights, best practices, trends, and technology. 

Panellists and attendees will ask ChatGPT for perspectives on the role of AI in B2B marketing. The panel moderator, will also offer panellists the opportunity to respond to ChatGPT in real-time, thereby including AI in an active dialogue with marketing experts. Interactive participation will show conference attendees the potential of AI. Along with other industry leaders including Steven Garner, Innovation Officer Fintech at Quantum-h and Winnie Palmer, EMEA Head of Marketing at Seismic.

“The FinTech B2B Marketing community is intended for marketing practitioners. Including ChatGPT aligns with our philosophy of bringing marketers together to learn from each other and put new ideas and technologies into practice,” said Payal Raina, Founder, FinTech B2B Marketing. “Putting ChatGPT to the test live on-stage rather than just talking about it represents who we are.”

The Fintech B2B Marketing Conference 2023 will showcase forward thinkers, award-winning experts, and over 150 senior marketers in FinTech and Technology. Participants include FinTech startup founders, B2B marketers working in the Technology and Financial Services sector, vendors and agencies, and research, industry, and media organisations.

Experts from across the Fintech B2B Marketing spectrum will discuss topics including AI, the metaverse, content marketing, demand generation, growth marketing, influencers, regulation, and macro-trends.

“Since our inaugural conference last year, our community has more than doubled in size,” added Raina. “It raises the bar for what we can achieve together, so we wanted to add something truly innovative and compelling to our 2023 programme.”

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull and who is on the ChatGPT panel commented, “It’s obvious that technology is changing the game for B2B marketers. “With so much change in the industry, AI driven collaboration and insight is more valuable than ever to upscale productivity.”

Smita Gupta, Advisory Board Member at FinTech B2B Marketing Community and Founder of SG Growth Advisory moderating the panel added, “I am excited to be part of this event where we will delve into the future of marketing with NextTech – AI, ChatGPT, Web 3.0, and the Metaverse. Looking forward to joining an excellent panel of guests as we explore how these emerging technologies will revolutionise customer engagement, data-driven insights, and brand experiences.” 

The FinTech B2B Marketing Conference event programme and speaker details can be found here

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