Environmental,Societal,Governance(ESG) Guide

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes have rapidly ascended companies’ strategic agendas as they seek to build trust with their stakeholders. But when it comes to walking the talk and showing how they are embedding ESG into their operations and funding, the question we often hear from marketers is, “where do we start?” The 5-part webinar series (March-July 2021)is specially tailored for marketers and the white paper will address:

  • The evolution of ESG and why it’s so important?
  • How does ESG impact bottom lines and the role of marketing KPIs, best practices and regulatory frameworks?
  • How can we build ESG into our marketing strategy? 
  • How can we leverage data to understand how to measure ESG performance and the role of benchmarking? 
  • How can collaborative strategies ensure continued success in ESG marketing?

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