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The Personalisation Payoff

Did you know that about two-thirds of the buyer’s journey takes place online through digital channels? This means that personalising content for sellers is essential to ensure success. When the pandemic happened, these digital interactions between buyers and sellers became an overnight necessity. And despite this sudden shift in behaviours, buyers still expected a highly personalised experience from the sellers reaching out to them.

To find out just how important personalisation was during that time—and presumably still is given that buyers and sellers now prefer to interact remotely rather than in person—Seismic looked into how much more their customers leveraged the available personalisation solutions within the platform and the levels of buyer engagement they saw as a result.

The findings are striking:

  • Overall buyer engagement increased by 46% YoY
  • Usage of Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs), which serve as hubs of buyer-seller interaction and personalized communication during a deal, increased by 187% year-over-year. 
  • Buyers responded positively to DSRs, engaging with them at nearly 3x higher rates year-over-year.

With Seismic, a piece of content can be shared through what’s called a LiveSend link that captures engagement data, including how long the recipient spent consuming the content, even down to the individual page level. This data is important for our customers to understand what truly resonates with their buyers. From 2021 through 2022, LiveSend link generation increased by 58%, indicating our customers not only saw a greater need to communicate with buyers digitally but also saw a greater need to gain insights about them.

Discover these and further insights by downloading Seismic’s “The Personalisation Payoff” report below.