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The 2023 Value of Enablement Report

In today’s strained economic environment, businesses around the world are making strategic decisions about how and where they invest, especially when it comes to technology. As budgets become subject to greater scrutiny, the software that teams use must demonstrate clear value. Sales enablement software is no different.

With this reality in mind, Seismic commissioned a study to better understand the value of sales enablement tools. The Seismic 2023 Value of Enablement Report sampled more than 1,200 full-time sales, enablement, and customer success professionals in managerial and leadership roles throughout the United States and Europe. The report found that sales enablement technology is exceedingly popular, with 82% of respondents saying they use it on the job.

Enablement technology’s ability to save users time creates opportunities in many different areas. Not only does enablement software give go-to-market (GTM) teams more time to prioritise client-facing activities, it ensures that they feel more prepared and knowledgeable. When users have the content and resources they need at their fingertips, it’s easy to feel empowered. In fact, 97% of respondents who said enablement technology gave them quick access to content, information, or coaching believed they were able to speak to clients from a more informed perspective. And 68% of respondents said that having quick access to information and content prevents them from second-guessing themselves.

Read the full report to find out:

  • How much time enablement tech saves GTM organisations
  • Where those time savings occur, leading to greater efficiency and productivity
  • How the experience (and success) of teams who lean on enablement tech contrasts with the experience of teams who don’t
  • Ready for more insight into how leaders use enablement tech to operate efficiently and drive smarter growth?