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STORM QuantTech 50 2023

The STORM 2023 report by Chartis Research is a must-read for anyone involved in risk management or interested in the latest developments in risk technology.

The report provides valuable insights and analysis on the continued evolution of analytics and computational technologies, exploring the ways in which statistical techniques are developing and interacting with the wider technological environment. It also highlights the importance of collaboration between industry players and the need for a holistic approach to risk management.

The report is divided into six sections, including a foreword, introduction, research context, market context, rankings, and further reading.

The rankings section provides the STORM 2023 rankings, which recognize the top risk technology vendors across various categories, including credit risk, operational risk, and financial crime risk management. The rankings are based on a combination of factors, including market presence, functionality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The market context section provides an overview of the current state of the global market for risk technology, which is described as a “golden age of quantitative technology.” The section discusses the increasing importance of data and analytics in risk management, as well as the growing role of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The report also includes a research context section, which discusses the development of the STORM rankings and awards, and an introduction section, which provides an overview of the report and its focus on the latest trends and innovations in the field.

Finally, the further reading section provides links to additional resources and reports by Chartis Research, including reports on banking analytics solutions, credit risk analytics, financial crime risk management systems, and ESG investment data and analytics.

Overall, the STORM 2023 report is a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the global market for risk technology, providing valuable insights and recognizing excellence in risk technology vendors. We invite you to explore the contents of this report and discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of risk technology.