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Chartis Big Bets 2022 Report (Member Content)

In Chartis’ annual Big Bets report we outline our major predictions for the year ahead, highlighting some of the key market trends, risk areas and core technologies that form the basis of our 2022 report agenda. Despite ongoing economic fluctuations resulting in part from the pandemic, Chartis sees a good measure of continuity in both the economy and the technology infrastructure as we move further into 2022.

The rise of transition management in portfolio rotation and beyond, the cultural shift toward environmental, social and governance (ESG) consciousness and compliance (even if this is incomplete and at times incoherent), the continuing growth, componentization and ‘horizontalization’ of financial crime solutions – each of these themes represents a process that began long before the pandemic. At-home and remote working may have been accelerated by the events of the past two years, driving the need for improvements in controls, but firms have been investing in risk management systems and controls for some time, further bolstering overall operational resilience. Meanwhile, energy market price fluctuations have not been helped by COVID-19’s general supply chain shortages, yet their principal drivers predate COVID, from the integration of renewables into existing systems to spot pricing and other regulatory shifts.