Karyn Flores-Jones Director of Marketing Singapore 

Karyn Flores-Jones is an accomplished Marketing Director with an exceptional track record in driving results for global multinationals across diverse industries. With over 15 years of marketing expertise, Karyn has led field marketing, digital marketing, and sales development teams, consistently demonstrating a deep understanding of customer-buying behaviors.

As the Marketing Director for APAC at Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Effectiveness, Karyn is pivotal in spearheading the organization’s growth and success. With a background across Fintech, Governance, and Risk and Compliance, Karyn has previously led marketing functions at organizations including Thomson Reuters, ACL (now called Diligent), and Wolters Kluwer Finance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting.

In a digital age marked by customer fatigue, Karyn champions a “Business-to-Human” approach, merging elements of B2C and B2B strategies. She ardently advocates for cultivating genuine customer connections differentiating organizations in crowded markets. As a certified AI Marketer, Karyn harnesses cutting-edge technologies to engage customers beyond price points, prioritizing revenue and profitability through innovative strategies for new and existing business lines.

Karyn Flores-Jones

Director of Marketing