What Can You Do Beyond Survival Mode If You’re A Small Business Owner

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Payal Raina


FinTech B2B Marketing

Of course, you have created great product. You also must have created an absolutely stunning website.And then you have optimized the content with as much SEO as possible, and also must have added some advanced e-commerce functionalities as well. You must have started a unit with a very strong customer base using all the marketing strategies. And then you negotiated some exclusive shipping discounts that also must have resulted in enhancing your customer experience. But when covid-19 has brought you some unexpected changes in 2020, things must have gone south very quickly.

Here are few simple tips which might not seem that easy, are definitely effective.

The first one is that you can learn from your customers. Both positive as well as constructive criticism could be one of the ways that you can quickly adapt in an ever-changing market environment. Next, you need to start prioritizing your customer support. Whether it is fast email responses or fast social media responses, this is critical to building the brand trust. Try to keep the response time under 24 hours or less.

Another important factor is being able to stay focused in your niche. It is very easy to get distracted every now and then by fast-changing trends in the markets. When things keep changing so quickly, it is especially important for you to stay focused and stick to what you know best.

Also try to deliver an experience to your customer that will make them keep coming back for more. Currently customers are divided between numerous business offerings, so it is important to keep your customers loyal, even if the number is small. That is another way how small businesses can survive longer.

As a small business owner, you may be wearing many hats. You could be the CEO and also the digital marketing executive of your company, you might be doing the accounts yourself and also taking care of logistics. But this also makes your time spread too thin and makes you inefficient at your tasks. Try using technology and make your work more refined and organized.

Try to adopt omni-channel strategies. Try not depending too much on one platform itself and spread yourself across multiple channels. If you are a small business owner, do not try to hold yourself back from experimenting and exploring larger and established competitors.

It’s okay if you are a start-up. Yes, it might feel extremely intimidating, but remember that new products and new services are always the most attractive thing for the customers.That is one advantage that you have which other competitor’s lack. Try to take an organized approach to your business. Things in business can change very quickly but a business owner who is organized and disciplined is the one who will survive for longer.

Last but not the least is you should always know how to choose your battles wisely. The experience of growing pains can be very stressful, especially in the beginning of a business. But try to focus on the most valuable assets.

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