July 2021: Monthly FinTech Market Insights provided by Founder of Firebrand Research, Virginie O’Shea

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Firebrand Research

Virginie O’Shea, Founder of Firebrand Research shares her monthly FinTech market insights with the Fintech B2B Marketing Community to help marketers keep on top of the latest market trends. Here are some recent market developments discussed by Virginie for the month of July. Watch the video below to find out the answers and learn more.

Watch the video below to find out the answers and learn more.

  • Highlights on the latest MiFID II Regulations
  • Insights on the quadrupling penalties for the year 2020 with over 613 sanctions by ESMA
  • The KYC, Client Data and Client Lifecycle Management as focus in 2022
  • EU to launch a new wing of Anti-Money Laundering Authority that may have an eye on Crypto currency as well
  • FCA launch sustainability hackathon with respect to focus on S in the ESG & Green Fintech challenge with focus on E in the ESG
  • Insights into the issue of a Space startup Momentus being charged by SEC for $7 million
  • Investor protection on SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Company

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