April 2021: Monthly FinTech Market Insights provided by Founder of Firebrand Research, Virginie O’Shea

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Virginie O'Shea


Firebrand Research

Virginie O’Shea, Founder of Firebrand Research shares her monthly FinTech market insights with the Fintech B2B Marketing Community to help marketers keep on top of the latest market trends. Here are some recent market developments discussed by Virginie for the month of April. Watch the video below to find out the answers and learn more.

  • Leadership change in U.S. Security and Exchange Commission
  • Involvement of SEC in setting up working groups on ESG reforms
  • Latest developments around Climate Risks on Commodities Markets
  • How Gamestop hearing is snowballing into a protest towards Investor Protection
  • With recent huge coin based IPO incident, U.S. Regulators focus on defining Crypto currency assets & terminology
  • Framework & Taxonomy by ESMA to protect Data Quality in UK

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