90 Seconds with Sangeetha Narasimhan, Global Acquisition Marketing, Mambu

Sangeetha Narasimhan

Director – Global Acquisition Marketing


Tell us about your role at Mambu

I take care of acquisition marketing for Mambu and am responsible for the revenue contribution marketing brings to the business. Under the Acquisition Marketing Centre of Excellence (CoE), we have marketing functions responsible for demand generation working closely with the commercial and product marketing teams.  The functions under the CoE include digital marketing operations including our website, marketing automation and paid acquisition efforts. It also includes our partner marketing CoE, where we focus on high impact co-marketing campaigns, and a newly-created Campaign CoE, which takes our master content and translates it into sales and marketing activation assets. Finally, we collaborate closely with our regional marketing teams across the globe for execution. 

How can marketing help drive growth and demand effectively?Creating a powerful brand presence is probably the best investment a business can make to help scale effectively. Sales will have a better response rate to your their prospecting if the buyers have heard of your brand.  Acquisition marketing is a fine balance between brand awareness and demand generation. 

Sales technology has advanced so much that sales now have access to better cloud-based tools for sales enablement, outreach with nurture flows, high intent targeting and many more engagement channels that were previously marketing’s domain. However, marketing remains the best and most cost-effective channel to create demand and drive growth. It will be expensive to build a sales team to create demand versus using sales to close the pipeline. 

Employer branding, and now ESG marketing, the various experts producing content in the business, customer success functions and their touchpoints with the customer and many more have their own messaging and stories to tell that can have an impact on building the brand reputation and generating demand. I see marketing’s role today as a function that needs to pull together various cross functional teams to ensure uniformity in messaging, branding and demand gen to drive growth.

Whilst ROI through digital acquisition channels is easier to show, translating word of mouth, share of voice or brand impact into financial performance remains a challenge for many marketers who need the right budget to scale. Find a way to show that you have the right growth levers through paid acquisition, organic inbound strategies, brand sponsorships, events, ABM and more to ensure the business can get required pipeline, to get the right budget and team in place.

What top tips would you give fellow B2B marketers looking to scale their marketing efforts?

  • Build a high-performing team with a team structure that enables everyone to effectively work together. 
  • Standardise, scale, localise & repeat. Identify what can be standardised in your business (the branding, messaging, tools, skillsets, content marketing) and what needs to be localised effectively. This model works if you can create an interlocked marketing structure with collaboration between marketing teams and not a global vs local approach. 
  • With the explosion of Martech, it’s a typical case of Maverick Vs Machine scenario as seen in the latest Top Gun movie. Will AI replace a skilled sales and marketing team? Not really. All the dollars spent on Martech or agencies is no good if we don’t have a team that knows how to make it all work seamlessly for the business. With a myriad of Martech tools, agencies, and data solutions to choose from, the best investment to make is in a high-performing team. 

What are the top 5 Fintech Marketing trends to watch out for in 2022? 

  • ABM and intent tools are seeing huge growth, but tools are no good if you don’t have a target list and an interlocked marketing and sales team. So, assess internal business structures before investing in these tools. Your existing martech stack should give you a good start. 
  • Salestech is exploding. This is a market to watch as targets are becoming inflated. Try out some AI-driven call listening tools, conversational marketing, appointment booking tools, and nurture and outreach ones. With scale-ups having to prove double-digit growth within a short span, the pressure to increase sales productivity and accelerate deal velocity is incredibly high.
  • Performance marketing is something to invest in. Data-driven growth should be something all marketers should pivot towards.
  • Sustainability in marketing – I am learning about it, and it’s fascinating to see how much you can do moving towards “green” marketing. Optimising websites, working with colours, events, and swags; there is so much we can do while still keeping the focus on business growth. 

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