90 Seconds with Derek Amoako, Marketing Team Lead, LendInvest

Derek Amoako

Marketing Team Lead


Tell us about your role at LendInvest

I’m the Marketing Team Lead at LendInvest, a leading platform for property finance. We provide a range of mortgages and opportunities for investors. I lead a talented team and my role is to oversee the delivery of our marketing strategy. Part of this is ensuring our plans are aligned with the business’s commercial goals and positioning the brand and its products to drive growth for the business.

What top tips would you give to fellow B2B marketers?

Don’t neglect to nurture your internal relationships. Engage with your colleagues in sales, product and tech teams, listen to their challenges, and share the things you’re working on in casual conversation. Small talk can sometimes lead to big ideas. Relationships are our most valuable assets and I’ve seen how my team has benefited from the connections they built. Relationships open doors to new opportunities, build trust, and deliver long-term success. Treat them as a project in their own right.

Equip your marketing teams with the tools and training they need to do the job and do it well. Listen to their needs and invest in them. Setting your teams up for success is the best way to get the desired outcomes.

What future digital marketing and media opportunities do you think marketers can leverage over the next year to drive business growth?

I see the opportunities AI presents in content creation, however, I think keeping that function in human hands has its merits which go beyond keeping humans in in jobs. Where I think AI can have a bigger benefit is in marketing analytics. Using AI as a tool to aid in uncovering patterns in data quickly. I think AI improvements in predictive analytics can help marketers model experiments and make more informed decisions. Platforms like Peak.AI offer AI-created customer segments based on user information and sales behaviour thus creating valuable targeting opportunities and frankly saving CRM marketers hours of work. There aren’t many firms operating in these fields yet but I’m sure we’ll see more of them over the next year or two.

What are the top Fintech Marketing trends to watch out for in 2024?

1. With Google phasing out 3rd party cookies, marketing teams will have to adjust their strategies. The general view is there will be a greater emphasis on getting 1st party data. More targeting based on content consumption rather than sales data and an overall re-think on performance metrics.

2. LendInvest invested in Chatbot technology last year, and I think the use of chatbots by firms will increase. Hopefully, it won’t go wrong like it did for DPD this year when their chatbot went rogue

3. Short-form video content is how younger audiences and potential future customers are consuming a lot of their content. It’s not something we’re actively exploring right now, but the money transfer firm, Wise is a great example of how this can be done well.

Derek Amoako, Marketing Team Lead, LendInvest