90 Seconds with Andrea Linehan, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fractional CMO

Andrea Linehan

Fractional CMO

What top tip would you give to fellow B2B marketers?

In a time when budgets are contracting, your B2B customer will also be tightening their belts which puts your customer churn numbers at risk. Now’s the time to put emphasis on retention and upselling/cross selling opportunities to encourage customer stickiness and sustain and drive LTV.

What future digital marketing and media opportunities do you think marketers can leverage over the next year to drive business growth?

This generation of business decision makers are born digital natives. The lines between what channels are for personal or professional use are much more blurred. And there is a much more explicit expectation that content be entertaining at the same time as being educational or informative. Armed with these preferences, there’s an opportunity to rethink the channel and content mix that can be leveraged for today’s B2B decision maker.

What are some Fintech Marketing trends to watch out for in 2023?

Building and maintaining security and trust in FinTech will be even more crucial as regulators clamp down. Marketing working closely with their Compliance counterparts to effect and highlight robust security measures, regulatory compliance, data privacy and financial safety, will be done much more cohesively than before.

Marketing automation powered by AI is already popping up in most tools, as an enhancement in some and a bona fide paid add-on in others. Marketing and Engineering will be equally culpable for the integrity, efficacy and usefulness of loading the tech stack with these capabilities. The advantages include advanced personalization, contextual messages at scale, streamlined customer interactions but the cost and time of maintaining said tools and limiting downtime could offset the advantages.

Andrea Linehan Global Chief Marketing Officer Fractional CMO