90 Seconds with Alireza Ajam, Digital Marketing Manager at RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

Alireza Ajam

Digital Marketing Manager

RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

Tell us about your role at RBC Global Asset Management?

I’m part of the RBC Global Asset Management (GAM) marketing team in London and work closely with our global marketing teams to manage and execute GAM’s digital marketing strategy across the globe.

How did your business adapt its digital marketing strategy in light of the pandemic?

Although digital transformation has always been at the heart of our corporate strategy, the pandemic put us in a unique position to accelerate this process. The pandemic also forced us to rethink some of our traditional physical channels to go online and pivot our marketing strategy to 100% digital overnight. Although it was not an easy task, we managed to deliver it efficiently by acting  quickly at the very beginning. Overall, I think despite  the troubles that we all went through, the COVID-19 crisis put us in a unique situation in which digital has become central to every interaction, forcing both organizations and individuals further up the adoption curve.

“The pandemic also forced us to rethink some of our traditional physical channels to go online and pivot our marketing strategy to 100% digital overnight.”

What top tips would you give to fellow FinTech b2b marketers?

Embrace data, not any data but ‘good data’. Tracking digital activities across your channels is vital for any b2b marketer. Making the right decision is not possible without collecting and interpreting your data in a meaningful way.

What future digital opportunities do you think marketers can leverage over the next year to drive business growth?

Hyper personalization would be one. In our industry I see a shift in the investors’ expectations. New technologies aren’t only transferring the industry, they are also transferring customers’ expectations. Investors are expecting a seamless user journey across various digital channels as well as a greater level of personalization. AI would be a great predictive and analytics tool for maximized personalization.

Voice search would be another one. With mobile devices and voice services, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomePod increasing in popularity, voice search is one area where businesses can stand out. Listening to the latest market updates while having breakfast is also becoming more and more popular in 2021 and likely beyond. 

What are the top digital trends to watch out for in 2021?

Undoubtedly AI-powered marketing and marketing automation would be one. Artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with marketing automation tools could help marketing teams do more with less, saving on budget and expanding their reach. It can aid in targeting, segmentation, personalization, lead scoring, predictive analytics, and even generating content. More and more organizations will come to utilize AI and automation rather than be left behind by their competition.

User experience (UX) is more important than ever. Modern investors are digital-savvy and expect an engaging and user-friendly online experience. I believe we should expect to see a greater push toward a smooth and highly engaging UX, emphasising on speed and personalization. We should remember no matter what sector you are in, your customers expect an easy, engaging and intuitive online experience.