Megan Nathan Head of Marketing, FINTECH MARKETING

Introducing our newest addition to the squad: Megan Nathan, the maestro of marketing magic and our very own copy crusader! With a knack for words and a passion for all things writing, Megan brings a whirlwind of experience to the table, boasting a background in copywriting, PR, digital marketing, and journalism. As our newly appointed Head of Marketing, Megan is poised to sprinkle her marketing mojo far and wide. But she’s not just about business—when she’s not busy whipping our copy into shape or leading our marketing endeavours, you can find her embracing the joys of motherhood, taking her furry companions on epic adventures, or whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen. Megan’s not just dreaming big; she’s already got her sights set on becoming a published author, with her memoirs already in the works! Her mission at Fintech B2B Marketing? To catapult our community into the limelight, ensuring that whenever Fintech marketing comes to mind, our name is front and center. So buckle up, because with Megan at the helm, we’re about to embark on some seriously exciting journeys together!

Megan Nathan

Head of Marketing

FinTech B2B Marketing