After people ask me, “what’s FinTech Marketing?” they often follow up with “why did you start it?”, and I love sharing my “why” behind founding the community.

For me it comes down to three things: I love working with FinTech marketers, the mission of FinTech Marketing is to create the first community of its kind, and I love helping people get better at their craft.

At my day-job I’m spearheading global marketing for a leading cloud-based FinTech company called Torstone technology. I oversee strategy, planning, development and execution of Torstone’s marketing, PR and branding initiatives globally. I love my job and I care deeply about creating the best marketing campaigns – in terms of design, strategy, brand, and copy.

There’s something about FinTech marketing that fulfills me in every way.

It’s the excitement of navigating an entirely new frontier, working with incredible teams, and inspiring products of tomorrow. I lead a strong team of marketers whose primary responsibilities are to drive revenue, new client acquisition and existing client retention, whilst differentiating Torstone in global post-trade processing software markets.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a key driver in transforming the company image in less than two years from a start-up brand into a leading cutting-edge global post-trade technology provider for a digital age. In fact, Torstone was recognised by the Financial Technologist as one of the ‘20 Most Influential FinTech Companies for 2019’, reflecting the company’s achievements in transforming banks’ post-trade offerings.

I’m always inspired by working with women and watching people explore what they’re passionate about. As a mentor, my mission is to help people thrive in the FinTech marketing space and my work has been recognised by the prestigious Global Women in Marketing Awards 2019, from which I received the award for ‘Best Leader in Marketing’. Previously, made to the shortlist (top 3 globally) of the Global Women in Marketing Awards 2018 for two categories – Best Leader in Marketing and The Change-Maker.

I truly love working with people and over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to lecture in marketing at London College of International Business Studies and have delivered Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) certified courses to marketing professionals from around the world. I’m a frequent speaker at industry events and write thought leadership articles on several different aspects of B2B FinTech marketing, marketing technology (martech), digital transformation, as well as women in leadership.

Most people ask me how I have the time to run a FinTech company’s marketing arm and start a new community. I just tell them it’s something that I love doing and that I will always find time to help, learn, and celebrate the wins of others.

Not only do I love what I do, but I feel most fulfilled when I can help a community of marketers find a way to succeed. There’s no better feeling than sharing what I’ve learned so others can thrive and create their own success. If you’re interested in how to effectively lead your team, engage with customers and manage your brand in a COVID era, you found the community to uplift you.

Through our community our goal is to help transform marketers and companies into inner-driven FinTech powerhouses.

Payal Raina 


FinTech B2B Marketing