Course code – FAM101

Course version – Virtual

Teaching hours – 3.5 hours

Course overview and introduction

Agile marketing offers significant benefits to FinTech companies, particularly in a
regulated environment. It enables teams to adapt swiftly to changes, ensuring
compliance while maintaining a competitive edge. By streamlining and prioritising
strategic alignment, processes, and culture across the marketing organisation, agile
marketing helps FinTechs deliver real business impact.

As FinTechs grow and scale, embedding agile ways of working drives sustainable
change, builds resilience, and optimises the use of resources, tools, and data. To get
you started with agile marketing, we focus on practical, tailored training across key
areas to help FinTech marketers master the fundamentals of agile marketing and put
them into action. Our expert trainers from Bright Innovation will guide you through
the process, offering practical FinTech-based use cases so you can develop greater
agility in your teams.

Aims of the course

  • Educate: Ensure you have a solid understanding of agile marketing and audience development.
  • Enable: Facilitate the adoption of agile ways of working.
  • Empower: Equip you to lead and apply learnings within your teams.
  • Embrace: Support a sustainable approach to agile marketing.

The FinTech Agile Marketing Fundamentals – 1-day in-person bootcamp. Understand where and how to apply agile ways of working with interactive, practical training based on a FinTech use case, delivered by our accredited marketing trainers who have real-world experience working with FinTechs. Maximum 8 attendees.

Who is the course for?

  • Mid to senior-level marketers in FinTech looking to grasp the basics of agile marketing. 
  • Marketing managers and team leaders aiming to introduce agile methodologies in their teams.  
  • Professionals responsible for marketing strategy and execution in a regulated environment.

Benefits of attending the course

The programme fosters robust foundations of knowledge and begins to nurture
abilities and behaviours which underpin the continuing professional development of
delegates, producing key benefits which include:

  • A mind-set oriented toward entrepreneurial learning-oriented enterprise progressively nurturing robust marketing-entrepreneurship interface.
  • An embrace of entrepreneurship as a ‘behaviours and capabilities profile’ in oneself as ‘Enterprising Person’ and ability to foster key staff as enterprising person – seeking to create as well as discover development opportunities and innovative underpinning resource-leveraging.
  • Entrepreneurial treatment and enhancement of core traditional marketing concepts, such as segmentation, positioning and the marketing mix.
  • Propensity for and ability to contribute to ongoing innovation within own enterprise – constantly seeking to generate creative ideas and work with colleagues in converting to innovative products/services, delivery and operational processes.
  • Drive own personal continuing professional development.


  • Get certified for the time you dedicate to up-skilling yourself and boosting your knowledge.
  • All of our courses come with a certification of attendance and can be added to your LinkedIn profile and CV. This advanced course is jointly accredited from FinTech B2B Marketing and Agile Marketing experts, Bright.

Indicative content & Intended learning objectives (ILOs)

Syllabus and learning outcomes Throughout the training, our expert trainer will be using an example FinTech specific activation to apply the key principles and concepts, learning by doing in a mock environment.

Details of the activation will be shared with you on the day.

Session What we’ll cover Learning outcomes Interactive elements 
Agile marketing  in action– Overview of agile marketing and  its benefits– Understand what Agile marketing is, why it’s important  and how it can benefit FinTech teamsFinTech use case used  throughout 
Understanding  SCRUM and  Sprints– Overview of the sprint cycle and  key ceremonies– Learn the practical applications of Agile marketing for B2B  FinTech and key ceremonies – Learn what the backlog is and how to build one– Build a backlog 
Customer focus – Importance of customer centricity  in marketing – Understand being customer centric vs organisation centric
Experimentation – Running experiments – Importance of strategic alignment – Running experiments in the sprint cycle– Complete a FinTech experimentation  framework 
Final thoughts  and wrap-up– Overcoming barriers to activation – Understand how to get started 

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Our Delivery Approach:

  • The programme will be delivered as an interactive In-Person bootcamp consisting of like-minded Fintech marketers and managers.
  • Draws upon understanding of best small business management and entrepreneurial marketing practice and rigorous practice-relevant management theory and concepts.
  • Utilises combination of ‘teacher-facilitator’ input and participant learning activity sessions.
  • Thus – Treats participants, not as passive recipients of instruction, but as inquisitive, active learners.
  • Anchors the creative thinking abilities of the participants to help foster their innovative ideas with regard to the agile-marketing interface.
  • Uses tailored ‘live’ case studies researched and written by expert trainers and development exercises customised out marketing knowledge bases to facilitate action-based learning.
  • Enables participants to utilise their own business or work context as key learning vehicle.

Meet the Trainer

Lydia Kirby

Agile Marketing Transformation Director | B2B Tech Marketing Specialist |
Client Delivery Director | Agile Coach

Lydia Kirby is an accomplished communications expert with a remarkable track record in agile marketing transformation within the fintech and B2B technology sectors. Currently serving as the Marketing Transformation Director at Bright, the UK’s leading agile marketing consultancy, Lydia has over nine years of experience driving innovative marketing strategies and delivering impactful business outcomes.

In her global role, Lydia collaborates with top-tier clients like ADP and Informa to create visionary and operational strategies that enhance marketing efficiency. She is adept at breaking down silos, empowering teams, and fostering creative solutions to complex marketing challenges. Lydi’s approach combines strategic thinking with agile methodologies, ensuring that marketing efforts are both effective and adaptable.

Lydia’s expertise encompasses digital marketing, campaign strategy, client acquisition, and sales enablement. She has led numerous high-impact projects and campaigns, consistently demonstrating her ability to deliver tangible value and measurable results. Her leadership in agile marketing practices has positioned her as a thought leader and sought-after trainer, certified as an ICAgile Accredited Trainer.

Her academic background includes a First Class Honours degree in Management with
Marketing from Royal Holloway, University of London, and a Level 4 CAM Diploma in
Digital Marketing. Lydia’s passion for data-driven decision-making and her commitment to continuous improvement make her an inspiring speaker and a valuable asset to any fintech marketing event.

Programme Details
£199+ VAT – Paid Member
£299+VAT – Non-Member
Upcoming Dates :

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (BST)

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (BST)

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