Melanie Stevens Events Sponsorship & Sales Manager, FINTECH MARKETING

Meet Melanie Stevens, also known as EventEclipse, the Events Sorceress! With an impressive two decades of experience, Melanie brings a wealth of expertise to our team. When she’s not enchanting sponsors and weaving magic into events, she enjoys culinary adventures, relishing good vegetarian food, and spending quality time with her rescue dog. Melanie finds joy in the company of her sister and friends, sharing laughter and making others smile. A dedicated practitioner of pilates, she credits it for keeping her grounded and sane. Melanie’s dream for our community is to expand its membership, showcasing our global offerings. She strives to forge new relationships while nurturing existing ones, always aiming to be on-site as an integral part of a fantastic team, ensuring our events are nothing short of spectacular. What Melanie enjoys most about her role is influencing others to believe in the excellence of our events, providing a “best in class” experience on the day. In the face of challenges, she navigates with grace, akin to a swan—paddling fervently beneath the surface but gliding effortlessly along the way. Her passion and expertise make her an indispensable force in crafting unforgettable event experiences.

Melanie Stevens

Events Sponsorship & Sales Manager,

FinTech B2B Marketing