Kerrie Hirst Events Sponsorship Manager, FINTECH MARKETING

Introducing our Events Sponsorship & Sales Manager, Kerrie Hirst, also known as Katalyst Kerrie! Kerrie has many years of experience and she brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her passion for cooking, reading, socializing with friends, and singing reflects her vibrant personality, making her a true asset to our dynamic group. Kerrie finds immense joy in collaborating with her talented team, each member contributing their unique skills to maintain our position as a market leader. What she cherishes most about her role is the sense of being part of something significant. Katalyst Kerrie’s dream for the community is to ensure that our flagship events not only thrive but also attract the right partners to enhance their impact. She envisions a future where the APAC region is fully harnessed, and new events continue to flourish under her strategic guidance. Get ready to witness the magic unfold as Katalyst Kerrie works her superhero charm to elevate our events to new heights!

Kerrie Hirst

Events Sponsorship Manager

FinTech B2B Marketing