Date - Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Time - 9:00 am (UK time) Onwards

We’ve returned for back 2nd year in a row with our flagship event in-person marketing conference was held on Wednesday 26 April 2023 in London, UK. At this Fintech B2B Marketing Conference, we brought senior Financial Services and Technology marketers together.

The FinTech B2B Marketing Conference 2022 showcased 30 speakers, 450+ registrations, and 15 partners. This event brought together a wealth of insights and industry best practices to help solve your day-today marketing challenges including: 

• Unique and innovative ways to drive new customer acquisition and retention

• Greater operational efficiency

• Accelerated marketing automation 

• Reduced marketing costs

Welcome address & opening remarksAccess On Demand
Keynote: Major drivers to watch that are shaping the FinTech
and Financial Services industry landscape in the coming decade
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Big Bets for 2023 and Predictions for 2024 – Looking ahead at
market/ macro trends & regulatory themes
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NextTech Strategy: How would AI, ChatGPT, Web 3.0 & Metaverse impact marketing,
sales & CX teams to evolve for the new world?
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Demand generation and growth marketing strategies to fuel
2023 business growth
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Innovative content marketing strategies to boost your
omnichannel experience and save marketing from the dark side
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How to successfully unify your Account Based Marketing (ABM)
and demand strategies to drive business growth and customer
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Digital Transformation – Break MarTech silos down and create
a common data foundation to drive automation and operational
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Winning B2B Data-Driven marketing strategy is the next new
Access On Demand
How can brands partner with B2B influencers, subject matter
experts to drive client trust, demand and track real impact of
social media
Access On Demand
The new era for events marketing: In-person/ Virtual/ Hybrid
or Experiential – How to cut through the noise and amplify
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Fintech For Good: How marketers can reap the benefits of financial
& technology advancements for the wider economy and ESG
drive client acquisition and retention?
Access On Demand
The secret recipe for driving most successful B2B marketing
campaigns within financial services and FinTech brands
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Closing Keynote: Driving a culture of innovation with the
great attrition is making hiring harder
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Closing remarks and wrap upAccess On Demand

Highlights from last year’s FinTech B2B Marketing Conference