Episode 2: ESG ON THE GROUND – how to turn talk into action and the role of marketing

Date - Friday, 23rd April, 2021

Time - 3:00 pm BST I 10:00 am EST

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the ESG Webinar Series
March – July 2021

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes have rapidly ascended companies’ strategic agendas as they seek to build trust with their stakeholders. But when it comes to walking the talk and showing how they are embedding ESG into their operations and funding, the question we often hear from marketers is, “where do we start?”  

Register for the new FinTech B2B Marketing webinar series to demystify ESG and take your next step. The 5-part webinar series is specially tailored for marketers and will address:

  • The evolution of ESG and why it’s so important
  • How does ESG impact bottom lines and the role of marketing KPIs, best practices and regulatory frameworks?
  • How can we build ESG into our marketing strategy? 
  • How can we leverage data to understand how to measure ESG performance and the role of benchmarking? 
  • How can collaborative strategies ensure continued success in ESG marketing?

We have invited a number of marketing leaders, ESG practitioners and industry professionals from across the financial services and FinTech industries to explore how you can promote ESG to shape your business and serve your clients and align with their sustainability objectives.

The world-class insights and data points gathered from these webinars will feed into creating a 5-STEPS ESG GUIDE FOR FINTECH MARKETERS (a white paper) – an essential tool for Financial Services and FinTech marketers to use and help drive the ESG agenda in their respective businesses. 

For the second webinar, register today to join leading ESG and marketing industry experts from the financial services and tech space.



Co-Founder and CEO

Change Gap


Managing Editor / CEO

Global Custodian / Tungsten Publishing


Editorial Marketing Director

Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank



Firebrand Research

If 2020 was the year of defining ESG, then 2021 is when it hits the ground. More firms are disclosing their policies at a firm and product-wide level. Yet, there remains a lack of standardised definitions, regulatory frameworks and ratings for firms’ ESG strategies. With so many deviations, when it comes to walking the talk and and showing how they are embedding ESG into their business, the question we often hear from marketers is, “where do we start?”  

In this session titled ESG on the groundlearn how firms are embedding ESG concerns into their business and disclosures in light of key regulations such as SFDR in Europe and the role of marketing driving ESG as a strategic agenda.

Discussion points include:

  • How are financial services firms incorporating ESG into their operations and using ESG risk as a source of long term business value? 
  • What are the latest ESG regulatory frameworks and how are firms following strategy disclosures and taxonomies in their business and products?
  • In the absence of a common language around rules for the disclosure of ESG information and ratings agencies’ benchmarking, where should marketers focus?   
  • How can marketers show alignment between a company’s ESG goals, their operations and the external frameworks?
  • What are the specific considerations for asset managers and how can marketers respond to a broader range of ESG topics: portfolio composition, regulation, performance/risk in their marketing? 

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