Djon Ly Brand Ambassador Hong Kong

Born and raised in France, Djon LY is a seasoned digital marketer with over eight years of experience in market research, brand strategy, content creation, and performance optimization across Europe and Asia.

Her early career in Paris and London exposed them to the dynamic and diverse European markets, instilling a deep understanding of different cultures, languages, and business practices crucial for shaping effective digital marketing strategies. In 2019, Djon decided to relocate to Hong Kong to explore the burgeoning Asian markets and further expand her expertise.

Djon’s expertise in payment trends, regulations, and technologies stems from their unwavering passion for exploring new markets. Over the years, she has gained valuable insights into payment methods and business management, enhancing their ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape.

Recently, Djon has embarked on a transition to leverage their analytical skills in product marketing while maintaining a strong foundation in digital strategy,

As a Brand Ambassador at the Fintech B2B Marketing Association, Djon is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing in financial services and fintech. She aims to contribute her own insights and experiences, while also learning from and benefiting others in the industry.

Djon Ly

Brand Ambassador

Hong Kong