Melorie Coronel Community Success Manager, FINTECH MARKETING

Introducing our remarkable Community Success Manager, Melorie Coronel, affectionately known as “Wonder Woman” in our team. With a wealth of experience, Melorie brings unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication to her role. When she’s not donning her superhero cape, Melorie indulges in her favorite hobbies, including reading, whipping up delicious culinary creations, and immersing herself in snake documentaries. Her passion for engaging with team members at all levels of the organisation, across various functional areas, shines through in her daily work. Melorie’s true joy comes from the constant learning opportunities her role provides. Her dream for this community is nothing short of inspiring: to expand our global reach, amass a vibrant community of subscribers and members, and help individuals worldwide achieve their goals through our collective support. With Melorie at the helm, we’re confident that we can achieve these ambitious dreams and more!

Melorie Coronel

Community Success Manager,

FinTech B2B Marketing