Mounika Dasetty Community Manager, FINTECH MARKETING

Introducing our remarkable Community Manager, Mounika Dasetty also known by her Super Hero Name – Marketing Maleficent. With numerous years of experience in this role, Mounika brings a wealth of expertise to our community. When she’s not busy managing our vibrant community, you’ll find her immersed in her hobbies and interests, which include reading, cooking, and showering affection on her four-legged friends. What she enjoys most about her current role is the thrilling adventure of networking with industry professionals and the invaluable opportunity to learn industry insights alongside her dedicated team. Mounika’s dream for this community is to see it flourish, aiming to increase member satisfaction to 100% and organise events with an impressive 5,000 attendees. We believe this is definitely on the horizon due to her tireless dedication and the support of numerous sponsors. With Marketing Maleficent leading the way, our community is destined for greatness!

Mounika Dasetty

Community Manager

FinTech B2B Marketing