Eric Carvalho Community Growth Manager, FINTECH MARKETING

 Introducing our Community Growth Manager, Eric Carvalho, affectionately known as “Mr. Community.” With a heart dedicated to fostering connections and sparking growth, Eric takes on his role with enthusiasm and passion. When he’s not donning his Super Hero cape, Eric enjoys a variety of exciting hobbies, including bouldering, mastering the art of Taekwondo, and embarking on culinary adventures as a dedicated food traveler.With valuable experience in sales and marketing under his belt, Eric has perfected the art of having meaningful conversations and building relationships. His vision for the community is one of continued expansion, fueled by the delivery of outstanding value and engaging events and content that benefit each and every one of our members. Join forces with Mr. Community, and together, we’ll embark on a journey to greater growth and connection within our community!

Eric Carvalho 

Community Growth Manager,

FinTech B2B Marketing