Call for Marketing Trailblazers

Let’s Celebrate and Share Your Success Stories

Marketers do a stellar job building and driving their company’s brand. They put in all their sweat and hard work to effectively communicate their firm’s unique differentiator in this complex, omnichannel environment, with multiple client touchpoints. 

However, let’s admit it. When it comes down to sharing you and your team’s hard work, and celebrating your success, it sadly takes a back seat.

One of the key missions of the FinTech Marketing community is to genuinely help give you a forum that puts you in the spotlight. We want to amplify your voice and share all the fantastic work you’ve done, and inspire other FinTech Marketing community members. You don’t need to wait for an annual awards function to recognise the amazing work you have done to drive your business growth and smash lead generation targets. 

As a member of the FinTech Marketing community, we help you build and strengthen your brand profile in the FinTech Marketing community. 

We accept ongoing submissions. The type of work we’re interested in showcasing: 

  1. Success stories / case studies – If you crushed your marketing KPIs last quarter, let us know. What went well? What were your best practices that set you up for success? We’d love to know about any exciting campaigns you launched that broke your previous records. Or, set a new benchmark in your company or in the industry!
  2. Blog articles – If you want to share your views on a particular subject matter, we will share it with our members and ensure it gets the reads, shares, and likes it deserves.
  3. Thought leadership pieces – If you want to share a unique, insightful thought leadership piece, white paper, or video, we’d love to share it with our community to help you boost your position as a forward thinker in the FinTech space.

At FinTech Marketing, we publish high-quality content, so before submitting your story, article, please read our blogging guidelines for direction on house style, format, structure, etc. Happy writing! 

How are we going to use your content submission? 

We will publish your submission on our website, promote it on our social media channels, and list your contribution in our spotlight series. Depending on the merit of submission, we may also invite you for a video interview, to be a guest podcaster, or even give you an opportunity to participate as a speaker or panel member in one of our exclusive events. 

Note: Our team reviews each submission carefully, and if we have any questions about your submission we will reach out to you.

This offering is restricted to Premium and Student members only.

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