Article Submission Guidelines

It’s great that you have decided to submit your amazing story for the “Call for FinTech Marketing Trailblazer” section. We would love to share your success and celebrate it with our community members and play an important role in your career to build and raise your brand profile.

Before you upload your wonderful article – here are a few guidelines to be mindful of.

  • Your expertise must be deeply embedded in the B2B marketing within financial and/ or technology/ FinTech space as that resonates with our community members.
  • No sales pitches and product promotions are allowed.
  • We’d also appreciate it if you provide links to published examples of your writing as part of your application.
  • Our tone of voice is less formal and more conversational language.
  • Look for ways to break up your writing: bullet points, subheads,emboldened phrases, short sentences, tables and charts.
  • Please make sure any images used are either original or eligible for commercial use.
  • Commons license. Kindly include a source link to any third-party images uploaded to the site. You can do this in the caption field. Images of unclear origin or that violate copyright law will be removed prior to publication.